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8 thoughts on “ Evaporation

  1. Evaporate definition is - to convert into vapor; also: to dissipate or draw off in vapor or fumes. How to use evaporate in a sentence.
  2. Nov 06,  · Evaporation is the process by which water changes from a liquid to a gas or vapor. Evaporation is the primary pathway that water moves from the liquid state back into the water cycle as atmospheric water vapor.
  3. Evaporation is a process that is commonly used to concentrate an aqueous solution of nonvolatile solutes and a volatile solvent. In evaporation, a portion of the solvent is vaporized or boiled away, leaving a thick liquid or solid precipitate as the final product. The vapor is condensed to recover the solvent or it can simply be discarded.
  4. a: change from a liquid to a vapor evaporation of water But warming increases the evaporation of ocean water, which could increase the snowfall on the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, remove water .
  5. Evaporation takes place when liquid turns into gas. Ever noticed how water disappears from a glass if you leave it sitting on your counter? That's not thirsty gnomes living in your kitchen: it’s evaporation.
  6. Nov 05,  · Evaporation is called a "cooling process" because it removes heat from the surrounding air. Evaporation in the atmosphere is a crucial step in the water cycle. Water on Earth's surface will evaporate into the atmosphere as energy is absorbed by liquid water.
  7. 2 days ago · Accurate estimation of how much water is evaporated from the vegetated land surface is a challenging task. A physical-based method—such as the complementary relationship (CR) of evaporation.
  8. Vaporization, conversion of a substance from the liquid or solid phase into the gaseous (vapour) phase. If conditions allow the formation of vapour bubbles within a liquid, the vaporization process is called boiling. Direct conversion from solid to vapour is called sublimation. Heat must be supplied to a solid or liquid to effect vaporization.

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